Our Book is Here!

It-Factor Leadership is available!

Our leadership skill-building book is a just-in-time personal leadership coach for 13 essential leadership domains. Over 100 accessible skills laid out in plain English, but backed up by current research.

From motivating employees to delivering effective apologies to the public, It-Factor Leadership walks you through 13 essential leadership domains, helps you understand them, and put them into practice.

"Claudia and Ruben Fernandez take scientific research that's been done on leadership, translate it into easy-to-understand English, and tuck the references in the back of the book. They start with fundamental leadership skills, like understanding yourself as well as others, and build up to more complicated applications like mending relationships and leading organizational change."

A must-have resource for managers making the jump to leadership positions and a handy reference for seasoned leaders, It-Factor Leadership is a welcome addition to any leadership library.